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Warmers & Sterilizers

Warmers & Sterilizers
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Pigeon Compact Steam Sterilizer 30% Off
Useful at home and perfect to travel withSlim and Compact design, takes up minimal spaceFits 2 wide-..
47.85 JOD 68.35 JOD
Tommee Tippee's Travel Baby Bottle and Food Warmer easily heats baby's meal when you are out and abo..
29.99 JOD
With its adjustable size, the 4-in-1 steriliser takes up minimal kitchen space. The included dishwas..
120.00 JOD
To protect your baby from infections, it's important to sterilize all their feeding equipment includ..
35.45 JOD
In a few minutes warm your baby's foot: 1. When it reaches the desired temperature, it preserves the..
47.00 JOD
The microwave Sterilizer allows you to sterilise up to 5 bottles of different sizes, their teats an..
25.00 JOD
The Tommee Tippee Electric Baby Bottle and Food Warmer heats feeding bottles and baby food jars quic..
48.72 JOD
With its adjustable size, the Philips Avent 3-in-1 electric steam sterilizer takes up the least amou..
99.00 JOD
Fast fuss-free sterilisingThe less time you spend cleaning and preparing bottles the better. Sterili..
92.80 JOD
You can sterilise and dry up to 6 bottles in just 40 minutes with this Tommee Tippee machine. Using ..
119.90 JOD
The Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Microwave Steam Steriliser Bags sterilise parts from Dr. Brown's baby b..
23.60 JOD
With the baby food warmer, milk or baby food can be warmed up evenly, quickly and easily within a fe..
15.00 JOD
1. Can sterelize up to 6 bottles per session2. Safe3. Fast4. Easy to User5. Healthy6. Economical7. M..
38.00 JOD
The Suavinex bottle warmer is perfect for both breast milk and formula. Its three-mode system is ver..
100.00 JOD
 from FARLIN makes your job, as a mother much easier. The heat resistant top graded un-deformable ma..
24.25 JOD
Keeping your baby's liquid or pulp safe for 5 hours max. 8 hours It provides a healthy protection o..
25.00 JOD
Microwave sterilizer0m +Steam sterilizer. Ideal for quick disinfection in a microwave oven.A new lin..
26.25 JOD
The Philips Avent microwave steam sterilizer is a great choice for fast, effective sterilizing at ho..
26.75 JOD
Winner of Babycenter's 2017 Best Baby Bottle Prep ToolsYou don't want harsh chemicals anywhere near ..
40.25 JOD
The Suavinex 3-in-1 electric steam sterilizer sterilises baby's pacifiers, bottles and accessories u..
100.00 JOD
 from FARLIN makes your job, as a mother much easier. The heat resistant top graded un-deformable ma..
24.25 JOD
Deliver 5 sterile baby bottles in 5 minutes Chemical-free steam sterilizing kills 99.9% of harmful ..
92.80 JOD
Ideal for travel useFor parents who regard proper hygiene as paramount concern for their babiesNo ri..
6.76 JOD
SterilNatural 2in1Electric steam steriliser. Adjustable. Two configuration. Practical and effectiveC..
75.00 JOD
Pigeon Rapid Steam Sterilizer 30% Off
Fast 6 minutes sterilization cycleLarge storage capacity that can hold up to 5 nursing bottles & acc..
63.80 JOD 91.15 JOD