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Health & Personal Care

Health & Personal Care
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Suitable for intestinal irrigation and vaginal washing. Has a large and a small tube and a connector..
5.33 JOD
Efficient treatment when you need it.The MicroAIR U100 Nebuliser is efficient, silent and fits easil..
192.85 JOD
Antibacterial hand wipes with orange blossom fragranceEliminate bacteria and viruses Η1Ν1, Η3Ν20% Pa..
0.70 JOD
ECODENTA COSMOS ORGANIC Whitening toothpaste with papaya extract, 100 mlCertified organic toothpaste..
7.50 JOD
Heat and cold in one product.WHAT IS IT?A practical, reusable gel cushion that provides heat or cold..
7.50 JOD
Frescal Hand Sanitizer Sea Breeze 85ml..
0.70 JOD
Classic nail clipper Wider blade Contoured handle for controlled gripSally knows nails are the best..
7.00 JOD
Introduction of Omron E3-HV-F021-EW Intense Electronic Pain Reliever. TENS is in the field of pain r..
95.00 JOD
To have a healthy mouth, one needs to take care of more than just teeth. That's why the new Colgate ..
4.10 JOD
Iasi Unisex Pants elastic underwear for comfort and discreet protection, designed for medium to heav..
9.75 JOD
When size really matters this big softie got it all covered. It’s extra-cushioned and has a unique q..
1.50 JOD
Creates a protective barrier that protects sensitive teeth from external influences. Calms teeth and..
7.50 JOD
Protect your mouth from germs and get fresh breath every morning with Colgate Plax Freshmint Splash ..
1.30 JOD
 Nana Ultra Towels offer a variety of ultra thin towels for day and night usage, with wings and with..
3.58 JOD
Signal, Mouthwash Ice Expcom Signal 500 ml 29% Off
Signal Mouthwash Active Expert Liquid Gel Complete deposits on the teeth a long-lasting protective f..
3.00 JOD 4.25 JOD
Veet Full Body Waxing Kit for Normal Skin, 20 strips  Easy-Gelwax Technology, ready to use 20 wax st..
5.52 JOD
Spend your hardest days in ultimate comfort with the Always Maxi Thick Long 9 Pads! This easy-carry ..
0.70 JOD
These extra thin double ended, mint-flavored sticks contain fluoride and are best for people with no..
3.48 JOD
brush designed specifically for children aged 3 to 5 who learn to clean their teeth. The size and s..
2.39 JOD
"Non smell with a great companion of natural herbs extracts for very gentle cleaning and sanitizing ..
10.00 JOD
BenefitsClean the teeth down to the back of the teeth.Usage Remove enough toothpaste on the bristles..
3.41 JOD
The Always Soft Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads are super absorbent and soft. These pads feature the wings ..
0.83 JOD
Whether you need protection on light days, backup support, or just to feel fresh every day, pick up ..
2.81 JOD
Long, ultra-thin sanitary napkins, with protection wings. EveryDay Hyperdry Center Plus bring revolu..
2.20 JOD
Hand Sanitizer, 500 ml​ ..
2.90 JOD
Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush  Circular power bristles to help remove tooth stains. Easy-to-grip to..
1.80 JOD
The softening hand balm based on Tuvan yak milk and flower wax — soft and gentle care of your hands...
12.00 JOD
 For sensitive teeth and tooth necks, irritated gums and bad breath. Mouth wash for teeth sensi..
6.54 JOD
Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush The cleaner brush tip reaches and cleans the back teeth. The brush br..
0.90 JOD
Heat and cold in one product.WHAT IS IT?A practical, reusable gel cushion that provides heat or cold..
9.13 JOD
Smooth, glossy manicure without the wait^Cuticles look and feel softer and smoother^Vitamin E and j..
8.45 JOD
Product description : Jordan UltimateYou is a toothbrush that will brighten up your brushing session..
2.80 JOD
Very extraordinary, really refreshing and hydrating oral care mouthfoam with Mint essential oil + Na..
6.00 JOD
Always  8 Pcs Soft Topsheet With Lotion Highlights : Pack of 8 pcsAnti allergic and does not cause a..
0.65 JOD
Fresh scented and dermatologically tested to be gentle on all skin types, these pantyliners have a s..
2.99 JOD
Flexible and adaptable to all lingerie styles for daily freshnessMultiple shapes to fit any lingerie..
1.34 JOD
Enjoy perfect dryness and perfect comfort with Always sanitary pads, with advanced brightness that k..
1.34 JOD
Flexible provides protection for up to 12 hoursDry and protect thanks to the well-ventilated design2..
1.34 JOD
Stay fresh throughout your day with Always Daily Liners Extra Protect Panty Liners Large. With Odour..
1.34 JOD
Enjoy perfect dryness and perfect comfort with Always sanitary pads, with advanced brightness that k..
6.25 JOD
Sanitary Pad Ensures protection during flow daysMakes you feel easy during those daysClassic Thick C..
0.51 JOD
Always Maxi Sanitary Pads Super Plus 9 Pads provide 100% leakage protection. Long pads are bigger at..
0.65 JOD