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2 playing modes! In Wild mode: the puppy features Wild Actions, Chase around and roar loudly. In mil..
79.00 JOD
silverlit electric robot ycoo and friends chimpy - 4 colours 7530-88564Pinch one of my ears and I wi..
35.00 JOD
Different kinds of commands with the wireless pre-program remote dial for creating up to 50 programm..
38.00 JOD
Robot Beetlebot is the perfect toy for robotics fans. Its multifunctionality makes it impossible to ..
79.00 JOD
The history of the Silverlit company began in 1977. Since then, the company has been dynamically dev..
65.00 JOD
Kids riding real electronics. Inspire a love of learning with this complete circuit board construct..
45.00 JOD
Are you game to tame the Robo Alive Robotic Lizard? Robotic technology allows it to outrun even the ..
21.00 JOD
Interactive Robot O.P. ONEO.P. ONE is a programmable Robot with lively actions. It moves in all dire..
190.00 JOD
Features:Battle with A.I. or with your friendsPower Fist with Combo PunchCool punching sounds effect..
65.00 JOD
Meet the intelligent, interactive Maze Breaker robot that is sure to become your best friend! Togeth..
35.00 JOD
Programmable–Up to 48 Commands. Full Function Remote Control/Walk/Glide Forward and Backward Walk/Gl..
79.00 JOD
This Silverlit Robo Kombat battle pack comes with two robots and two controllers and comes with 2 ga..
69.00 JOD
Freeze in your tracks with the Robo Alive Ice Blasting Dragon. Hear it roar and watch out for its de..
42.00 JOD
A radio controlled tarantula accompanied by a booklet to learn and have fun. The remote control has ..
40.00 JOD
Give your young dino lover a feral little pet with the Zuru Robo Alive Robotic Rampaging Raptor with..
19.00 JOD
This lovable, robotic, remote control puppy is designed to follow you wherever you go. Robo Dackel w..
99.00 JOD
Fun Robots to Assemble Perfect for educating children to robotic! Robot artist, spider robot, Willy ..
10.00 JOD
Introducing Jnr Robo Dackel the energetic robotic puppy with gesture control. Wave your hands left o..
55.00 JOD
T-Rex Walking Dinosaur ToyHe bites, roars and flashes his eyes No ordinary pet, Robo Alive features ..
23.00 JOD
T-Rex Walking Dinosaur ToyHe bites, roars and flashes his eyes No ordinary pet, Robo Alive features ..
23.00 JOD
BUKI 7506 - Tibo the Robot Assemble Tibo the robot and discover its amazing functions Follow mode: ..
45.00 JOD